Sichuan Transportation Investment Group Company Limited (STIG) is a major provincial large-scale leading enterprise founded with approval from Sichuan Provincial Government in April 2010, with registered capital of 35 billion Yuan. And the core business covers investment, construction, management and operation of major transportation infrastructures. By expanding its prime business field of transportation infrastructures with relevant multiple types of business development, the Group has formed a commercial complex covering expressways, ports and channels, airport operation, rail transport network, transportation service, engineering construction, modern logistics, real estate development and finance associated with transportation business. The Group is ranked 393rd of The Top 500 Companies of China and 139th of China’s Top 500 Service Companies in 2018, with the gross assets of approximately 376.4billion Yuan and the net assets of about 140.0 billion Yuan, which put the group at the first place among all Sichuan state-owned enterprises. The Group has 11 directly subordinated enterprises and 26,000 employees. Sichuan Expressway Company Limited,which is one of the Group’s core subsidiaries, is listed simultaneously on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange, and is one member of Fortune’s Top 500 Listed Companies of China in 2016. The expressway mileage under the Group’s management and operation has reached 4,370 kilometres, with exceeding 12 provinces in China, and investing in expressways with a mileage of 7,941 kilometers. The Group owns 4 ports with total container throughput of 2.2 million TEU. The annual account of total passengers of Jiuzhai-Huanglong Airport exceeds over 2.5 million.

Sichuan Transportation Investment Group adheres to its aims and objectives as to expand its core transportation business and consolidate the foundation for relevant diversified business development, to implement the development strategy summarised as ‘full-chain STIG, full-domain STIG, valuable STIG, qualitative STIG and felicific STIG’, and to deliver its layout around ‘comprehensive transportation investment, maintenance, services and resources operation’. The group has been seeking to form a first-class transportation comprehensive state-owned capital investment enterprise integrated with specialized platforms including expressways, ports, channels, electric power stations, airport operation, rail transport, modern transport service and many other fields. By 2020, gross assets of the group will reach 500 billion Yuan expectedly, expressway mileage will accumulate up to 5000 kilometres and the revenue will surpass 70 billion Yuan. It is also the aim and vision of the Group to become a member of Top 200 Enterprises in China in 2020.

Direct enterprise


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